2022 in Review and 2023 Goals

Published on 2023-04-30

2022 was the best year of my life so far. I attended my first-ever conference. I especially feel grateful to be able to visit my parents back in India after three long years.

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I visited four cities I had never been to: Jaipur (India), Dublin (Ireland), Kyoto, and Osaka.


Visited Kyoto for the first time and spent a week living in the downtown area.

Dublin, Ireland

Visited Dublin to attend the ACL 2022 conference. Explored a lot of coffee shops and bars there. Checked out Guinness Storehouse. Attended MCR concert. I was supposed to stay here for a week but tested positive for covid a day before my flight, so I spent two additional weeks here. During that time, explored many parks and went for a small hike in Howth.

Jaipur, India

Went to Jaipur, the pink city, during my India trip along with my parents.


It was my second time in Fukuoka, and I spent a week here this time. Explored a lot of specialty coffee shops and craft beer bars. My recommendations would be Manu Coffee (Watanabedori), Coffeeman, Stereo Coffee, and Umineko stand.


Spent a week in Osaka downtown during the new year holidays. Also, went to Nara and Kobe for day trips.


Finally climbed Fuji-san. Other than the hikes listed below, I also hiked Nokogiriyama, Takao-san, Tsukuba-san, Okutama Lake course, and Mitake-Otake-Nokogiri-Okutama course.


Climbed the highest mountain in Japan, 3776 meters high, Fuji-san.

Kamikochi Japanese Alps

Visited Kamikochi for two days during autumn. The views were amazing. Two days weren’t enough to climb any mountains, so I will come back here for a longer hike next time.

Howth Cliff Walk

While visiting Dublin, I came to Howth for a short hike along the cliffs facing the seas. The views were breathtaking.


Read a total of 9 books. I hope to make it to 12 in 2023.


Wrote a blog post about routing algorithm for customer inquiries on Mercari Engineering Blog.

2023 Goals