Installing IBM Plex fonts on macOS

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This post is guide to install IBM Plex fonts on your mac.

  1. Download the most recent version of TrueType fonts from IBM Plex github release page named

  2. Open the terminal of your choice and go to the directory where file is downloaded.

    cd ~/Downloads
  3. Unzip the file:

  4. If you want to install the fonts for system wide use, you have to copy all the ttf files to /Library/Fonts/ directory or if you want to install the fonts only for the use of current user, you have to copy all the ttf files to ~/Library/Fonts/ directory.

    For system wide use:

    cp TrueType/*/*.ttf /Library/Fonts/

    Only for current user:

    cp TrueType/*/*.ttf ~/Library/Fonts/

That’s it!!! IBM Plex fonts are installed on your mac. You can follow similar procedure to install any .ttf or .otf font file on mac.

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