Google Cloud Build ignores .dockerignore

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I often use Google Cloud Build for building docker images in my projects. To submit a cloudbuild job, gcloud builds submit command is used.


If you have some files or directories inside your project that you have added to .dockerignore, gcloud will still upload these files/directories as build context. This will make the size of archive that is uploaded larger and thus increasing your build time. This is because gcloud by default only ignores the files present in .gcloudignore and if, .gcloudignore file is not present, it will automatically generate a .gcloudignore file that respects .gitignore but not .dockerignore.


Add a .glcloudignore file in the root of your project directory with contents as follow:


Now, gcloud will not upload the files and directories listed in .gitignore as well as .dockerignore and the .gcloudignore file itself.
This will work not only for gcloud builds submit command but other gcloud commands that upload the contents of the project directory, as well like gcloud container builds submit and gcloud app deploy commands.

Prashant Anand

Prashant Anand

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