Hi, I’m Prashant Anand. I work as a Machine Learning Engineer at Mercari, Inc. in Tokyo, Japan.

I grew up in a city called Jamalpur in the eastern state of India called Bihar. Fun fact, the railway locomotive workshop in Jamalpur, established in 1862, is the oldest and the largest railway workshop in Asia. After graduating from IIT Delhi in 2019, I moved to Tokyo, Japan, where I’m living for the last 5 years.

At Mercari, I work in the Customer Support domain and lead the exploration and application of ML, NLP, and LLMs in this domain. I work with Japanese text and so far I’ve developed features like sending automatic reply to customer inquiries using LLMs and MLMs, routing of customer inquiries, and template suggestion. My resume has more details about what I typically do and what I’ve done so far.

Outside of work, I like exploring specialty coffee shops, photography, playing piano, reading (especially poetry), working out in the gym, and occasional hiking trips.

You can find me on common social networks under the handle primaprashant, but the best way to reach me is by email (heyanandprashant@gmail.com). I’m always open to interesting conversations and if you’re in Tokyo, I would be delighted to meet for coffee. Email me anytime!